The main purpose and subject of the company are as follows: In the field of health; publishing books, brochures and similar works digitally and in print, translating publications written in foreign languages, obtaining their representation and publishing and distributing digitally/printed works.

To purchase and install facilities and machinery in order to carry out and develop these activities.
To cooperate and make agreements with domestic and foreign organizations in this regard.
To make all kinds of internet broadcasting in order to realize its aims.
To organize national and international congresses, organizations and agreements in accordance with its purpose. Provides scientific-academic consultancy and support services in congresses and meetings to be held in the field of health.
To publish all kinds of magazines, books, newspapers, brochures and publications in Turkish or foreign languages on a daily, weekly, monthly, short or long-term basis, in the country or abroad.
Purchasing, leasing and importing all kinds of devices, real estate, vehicles and transportation vehicles in accordance with its purpose and subject.
In order to realize its purpose, the company may obtain loans from all kinds of public institutions and private institutions and banks, may mortgage movables and real estates to third parties, companies and institutions and cancel mortgages when necessary.
The company may participate in all kinds of tenders opened by private and public institutions and organizations in accordance with its purpose.

In all fields, primarily in the medical field; prepares IT, software, hardware and artificial intelligence projects, can take part in ready-made projects, become a solution partner and partner with public and private institutions and organizations in these matters and participate in tenders.



To be an institution that is open to development, change, criticism, pioneering with its innovative infrastructure and team, and aims to surpass itself with its services.


To contribute to the journals that continue to work in the process of achieving their national and international goals, with our principled publishing approach. Being a solution partner for magazine management, To continuously and measurably increase the value we add to the journals that we will undertake to publish.

Publishing Approach

We believe that the journals being published should be more eye-catching in shape. To assist both the author and the editors in the preparation stage of the scientific articles considered for publication. To make the best use of time during the preparation of scientific articles Contributing to the preparation of plain-spoken scientific articles for both the reader and the author. To ensure that the typesetting and page layouts of scientific articles are prepared in the best way. We want to contribute to ensuring that our journals are included in national and international indexes and are cited.

About us


Medical Journal Publishing
Preparation of Books, Catalogues, Brochures and Congress Books
Translation Service

Who are we?


Prof.Dr.Rüstem AŞKIN


Prof.Dr.Şenol YAVUZ

General Release Coordinator

Prof.Dr.Soner CANDER

Project Team

Doç.Dr.Nizameddin KOCA

Project Team


Project Team

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